Stories of the teddys, their people, their travels, and their adventures.

Notes for readers

Main characters

There are versions of the stories with both female and male main characters. They are the same story, you can choose either version depending on your own, or more likely, your audience's preferences.


Teddys don't really have a gender and usually have the name Teddy. This can be a little confusing, but the audiences I read to seem to prefer it that way. They are very quick to correct me if I use the 'wrong' name (i.e. anything other than Teddy). To make things a little more awkward, teddy sometimes also refers to all teddys, in the same way you might use the word human.

I'm sure you're more than capable of working this out on your own, so let's just start the stories now before I over-think anything else!

Latest Stories

Guardbot - Part 1

Guardbot | Read aloud time: 6 minutes

The start of a long journey

Guardbot - Part 2

Guardbot | Read aloud time: 7 minutes

Of crash landings and giant jigsaw puzzles.

Guardbot - Part 3

Guardbot | Read aloud time: 7 minutes

A (Guardbot) star is (assembled) born.

Guardbot - Part 4

Guardbot | Read aloud time: 12 minutes

At last, something interesting to guard.

Guardbot - Part 5

Guardbot | Read aloud time: 11 minutes

See you in 3000 years

Meeting Mars Teddy - Part 1

Mars Teddy | Read aloud time: 10 minutes

Hidden beneath a dangerous mountain on Mars is a tunnel with a big secret.

Meeting Mars Teddy - Part 2

Mars Teddy | Read aloud time: 9 minutes

It's a long way to the bottom.

Meeting Mars Teddy - Part 3

Mars Teddy | Read aloud time: 10 minutes

The strange collections at the museum.

Meeting Mars Teddy - Part 4

Mars Teddy | Read aloud time: 7 minutes

Mars Teddy I presume?

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