Meeting Mars Teddy - Part 4

Mars Teddy I presume?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

An overdue introduction

Now you know how I was able to be so specific about the number of teddy collision incidents. The answer is just one of the many fascinating things hidden away in the Knowledge. You have to know where to look for it, but that has never been a problem for me.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to formally introduce myself.

I am one of the current Teddy Historians. While Teddy Historian is a title and not necessarily a sign that someone is both a teddy and a historian, in my case, I am.

At any one time, there are always three Teddy Historians. There are three rules of Teddy Historians:

  1. there must always be three so that we can check each other's work,
  2. one Teddy Historian must be a teddy; it is their job to research the Knowledge,
  3. one must not be a teddy because it is important to understand what non-teddys think of teddy history.

Teddys like rules, and we like to do things in threes.

Together we record today's significant events, and these become the histories for future generations.

I'd love to tell you more about the Teddy Historians and our history, but Dravel is starting to tap its watch and give me its 'what's taking you so long' look. Dravel, isn't a Teddy Historian, its something far more important, Dravel is the editor. Dravel only seems grumpy; it isn't really once you get to know it, are you Dravel?

You can't see, but Dravel is nodding and smiling. I think I may be in trouble now. The last time Dravel nodded and smiled like that, I had to re-write three months work.

Oh dear, Dravel is smiling and nodding even more now I've said that. Enjoy the rest of this history. I will talk to you again soon.