The adventures of teddys and their people

Bedtime Stories

Join the teddys of Teddy Story on their adventures.

Teddys and their companions can turn up anywhere, at any time. Find out where they are today.

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What is Teddy Story?

Teddy Story is a collection of bedtime stories about the adventures of teddys and their companions.

The teddys in the stories aren't just teddy bears or toys; they are friends and companions of all shapes and sizes. Anything can qualify as a teddy.

Suitable for all ages, each instalment takes less than 10 minutes to read aloud. Perfect for bedtime.

Read your way

Audiences are different, so the stories adapt. If you are reading to audiences that would rather hear about female characters, Penny's for you. Maybe they prefer male characters? Meet Max. Perhaps you'd like something more personal?

For complete control, choose the Custom option and take charge of the characters' names and genders. Reading to your whole class? Name the main character Class 15 and set the gender to neutral; the story will still work.

Read your way.