Grant for the Web

Grant for the Web is a fund setup to make some positive change in the way the Web works by promoting open and fair standards and building better business models that respect you and your privacy.

Founded by Coil, Mozilla and Creative Commons it's taking on some fundamental issues for the Web:

Monetization of works shared on the web can be a challenge for both content creators and those who use their content. Without an open, fair, inclusive standard in broad use that supports choice, the web will remain dominated by a relatively few large content aggregators.


Teddy Story & Grant for the Web

Teddy Story received a Creative Catalyst Spark Grant in the inaugural public round of Grant for the Web in September 2020. A bit of the backstory to this is covered in the first blog post.

Grant for the Web is a natural fit for Teddy Story, while our goals are far more modest than theirs, we're thrilled to be involved and along for the ride.

My project goal is simply to publish simple, inclusive, customizable, bedtime stories with as little reliance on ads as possible.

Teddy Story Grant for the Web Application