A blog about creating Teddy Story, what's been happening, what's going to happen, what might happen if there's time, and other bloggy types of things.

Update from a bus   June 11, 2021

Sometimes the quietest time of the day is on public transport

Another piece of the puzzle   April 07, 2021

Doing something new and fixing up something old

Guardbot's story finally arrives   March 27, 2021

The long promised arrival of an old friend

My favourite feature   March 06, 2021

How to customise the stories

Don't update tired   January 21, 2021

When you're a team of one you always know who's to blame.

Mars Teddy behind the scenes   January 04, 2021

Some more about Mars Teddy, the next set of stories, and how going live with a new website is quicker if you don't make configuration errors.

Welcome to Teddy Story   October 11, 2020

In the first blog post I give a little more background around the birth of Teddy Story.